Thursday, July 23, 2009

European Trip: Work Received

(Ghent photos courtesy of Helen White)

Books, Chapbooks and Pamphlets:

Rozalie Hirs, het komt voor

Cralan Kelder, French Pastry
night falls and is slow to get up
Lemon Red

Mark Lamoureaux, Astrometry Orgonon

Martyn Last, Concealingly Revealed

Nicholas Manning, Novaless

Eliza Newmann-Saul, Excess
The Precarious State #1: Everything is Equally Familiar

Michelle Noteboom, The Chia Letters

Xavier Roelens, er is een spookrijder gesignaleerd

Joe Ross, Strata

Vincent Tholomé, People

Andrew Zawacki, Petals of Zero Petals of One


Kluger Hans 1
Kluger Hans 2

Versal 5
Versal 6
Versal 7


Jaap Blonk, Paul Pallesen, Bart van der Putten, Off Shore
Jaap Blonk and Maja Kjelstrup Ratkje, improv isors

Rozalie Hirs, Platonic ID
Rozalie Hirs and Stevko Busch, Woordmuziek

Also, check out these online recordings by Samuel Vriezen:


Lance Newman said...

Welcome back!

Rod said...

Looks like ya got a lotta work over there-- I thought it was to be a vacation!

mark wallace said...

Thanks, Lance.

Rod, it was definitely a work-related trip... gave readings and met with a number of fantastic writers in several cities. No need to worry though: there was plenty of time for afternoons in cafes and for good beer in Belgium. Rochefort 8 really can't be beat.

Joe Safdie said...

I, umm, don't want to be adversarial, but have you tasted the original Budvar from the Czech Republic? And other Czech beers? I don't think Belgian beers are even in the same ballpark . . . (oh yeah, welcome back!)