Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Andrew Shields on The Quarry and The Lot / An Upcoming Reading in San Bernardino

On his blog, Andrew Shields (pictured above) explores some interesting questions regarding one aspect of my novel The Quarry and The Lot, that portion of the book which concerns the emotional and intellectual struggle of the character Luke Owen regarding whether to keep writing poetry or not, and why. As Andrew pointed out in a note to me, the issue is not the central one of the novel, or even in his own thinking, but he does feel it’s worth taking up.

Minor spoiler alert: although Andrew’s thoughts hardly exhaust the question of what happens in the book, he does take up at least one portion of the novel’s conclusion, so if you’d rather not know about that yet, here’s your chance to save his excellent insights for another time.

Meanwhile, I’ll be giving a reading this Thursday night, May 12, at Cal State San Bernardino. The reading will be at 6 p.m. on the Cal State San Bernardino campus in Room 4005 of Pfau Library (pictured above). If you happen to be anywhere nearby, feel free to come on out.

Maps and Directions for Cal State San Bernardino can be found here.

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