Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joyland: A Hub for Short Fiction

Joyland: A Hub For Short Fiction, is a very interesting online literary journal which divides the work it publishes into a number of regions around the U.S. Some are specifically cities: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and San Francisco, among others. Others have a broader focus, like Joyland South or Midwest or Montreal Atlantic. All of them feature intriguing and often innovative fiction.

Joyland Los Angeles, for whom at least one of the editors is Mathew Timmons, is now featuring some short fictions from my flash fictions manuscript The Measure Everything Machine and Other Sketches. I hope you’ll take a look. Joyland Los Angeles has published fiction by a number of really great southern California writers, including Kate Durbin, Anna Joy Springer, Sesshu Foster, and Amanda Ackerman, among others.

Mathew tells me that Joyland is intending to expand, soon, to include poetry as well as fiction, so check back in again later to see what else they’re doing.

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