Sunday, July 22, 2007

the worst major urban newspaper in the U.S.? Sunday July 22

For examples regarding my last post, here are some of this Sunday's main articles:

Frustrated Supporters Rush to Help Accused U.S. Troops: "Conservative Christians and military veterans are part of an emerging group of Americans who say they are upset by the recent prosecutions of soldiers and Marines on war crime chargers, and they are coming to their defense with words, Web sites and money."

Refineries' woes push price of gas ever upward: 'These mechanical breakdowns, which one analyst likened to 'an invisible hurricane,' have created a bottleneck in domestic energy supplies, helping to push up gasoline prices 50 cents this year to well above $3 a gallon."

Los Republicanos: The author of a new book argues that Hispanics and Republicans need each other, and are a good fit.

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tmorange said...

dude, the post has gotten much worse since you left DC. mostly due to its ombudsperson, deborah howell i think her name is. progressive media activist groups have called the post out on conservative bias in its reporting, and she just ignores it. she has traded in responsiveness to readers -- which is definitional to her job -- and replaced it with contempt for reader.

i won't even read the post online anymore...