Monday, May 19, 2008

new blog conversation hosted by Les Figues Press

Vanessa Place and Teresa Carmody, the editors of Les Figues Press in Los Angeles, have re-envisioned the goal of their Les Figues blog. The result is, to quote them, that "Considering our mission of creating aesthetic conversations, we've asked six people to be guest writers in this space for the next six months. Guest writers will be sharing their thoughts about books they're reading, or events they're planning/attending, pieces they're writing, or collaborations they're working on. Our goal is to cultivate a lively discussion about issues, practices and happenings in the world of innovative writing and contemporary aesthetics."

So check it out and become part of the conversation they're creating:

With the first guest editors including Sawako Nakayasu, Jennifer Calkins and Harold Abramowitz, as well as Teresa and Vanessa themselves, the conversation is bound to be lively, informative, and unexpected.


Teresa Carmody said...

Hey Mark,

I hope you'll join in the conversation too. Have fun at the conference in Olympia -- I look forward to the report.

mark wallace said...

Thanks, Teresa. As you'll see, you don't need to ask me twice.