Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 4 Teach In/ Rally at CSU San Marcos

CSUSM March 4th Teach-in/Rally

Classes too large, tuition hikes, jobs at risk, poor course selections, reduced services -- what's next?


Come to a teach-in and discussion addressing these and many other questions about California's plan for higher education, and the difficulties facing the CSU during this budget crisis and beyond. Four distinguished faculty members will start the discussion, and then will answer your questions.

When: March 4, 2010, 10:30-11:45

Where: ACD 102, streaming live in UH 100 and in many classes, simulcast and discussion participation from


After the teach-in, join us for a rally in Library Plaza (noon - 1 PM) in support of publicly-funded higher education!


Although more attention has gone to the University of California system, the California State University system is under similar pressures and in many ways worse ones, with overly large classes, overworked and underpaid faculty and staff, and a lack of basic resources. As just one example, in recent faculty meetings in my department we have been discussing removing the phones from our offices because we simply may not be able to afford them. I hope you will join us in a day of meetings and solidarity with UC and CSU colleagues and students to protest worsening conditions for public education in California.

The CSU system serves many financially-disadvantaged students or students who for many reasons need to go to college in the area where they live. But with repeated tuition and fee hikes, as well as artificial caps that limit the students who can attend to a smaller number than the students whose record should allow them to attend, the CSU system is getting increasingly blocked from meeting the needs of students in California. Instead of grades being a guidepost to who should enter college, simply having enough money has now often become the more crucial criteria in California of who can attend college, and that’s a situation which needs to change.

A state that cannot afford to educate its children is a state whose financial (not to mention intellectual) future is in serious danger.

Whether you live in California or not, I hope you will support the faculty, students, and staff at various University of California and California State University campuses in their goal of maintaining affordable, accessible, and quality education for the citizens of California.

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