Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mira Nillson Has A Blog!

And you’ll find it here.

I first became acquainted with Mira Nillson's writing through my time visiting again over the last several years my hometown of Washington, D.C. where, a few years back, Mira’s absolutely scathing Letters to the Editor began appearing in The Washington Post and other newspapers. Mira’s letters take on the rich and powerful and corrupt and, in fact, just about everyone and everything who deserves it in this great U.S.A., which is no longer ranked in the Top 20 Least Corrupt Countries in the world.

And now she has a blog, and her first several posts seem devoted to satirizing conservative attempts to eliminate higher education options for students in the U.S. It’s hard to know what she’ll take on next.

Be forewarned though: Mira’s comments are very funny, but they’re not pretty, and the faint of heart should tread warily.

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