Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mad Hatters Review Blog Call for Submissions

Carol Novack, editor of the online journal Mad Hatters Review, is announcing a new blog and looking for submissions:


Announcing the Mad Hatters' Review Blog! Call for Submissions
Mad Hatters’ Review is an online journal with a collaborative spirit
that caters to an international audience with an appreciation for wit,
whimsy, dark humor, satire, lyricism, rhythm, word play and post
postmodern post avant-garde literature, art, music, politics, films,
columns, book reviews, interviews, scratch n sniff projects, collages,
literary audios, etc.

We at MHR see the Mad Hatters’ Review Blog as a gathering place for
courtiers of spoken and unspoken words,  inventive images and music,
and of course, the mad at heart, to stay informed and invigorated.

Our multi-media landscape is featuring poetry, flash fiction, interviews, reviews,
visuals, audios, and contributors’ news—in short, whatever strikes hosts and editors Marc
Vincenz and Susan Lewis, and occasionally publisher Carol Novack,as intriguing
or enlightening for freethinking arts enthusiasts everywhere.

Check our non-profit organization's new website for the latest on the MadHat’s Little  Mountain Retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, and MadHat Press’s Wild and Wyrd Poetry Chapbook Contest –to be judged by the quintessentially mind-bending Philly poet CAConrad, and subscribe (free) to MHR's newsletter for infrequent updates you may not catch on our blog.

The Mad Hatters’ Review Blog welcomes submissions of single poems,
flash fictions, short interviews, audio works, visuals, multimedia
pieces and reviews all year round. For poems, we prefer no more than 20 lines.
For flash fictions, preferably no more than 300 words. Please include a short
biography. Include the name of your piece in the Submission Title. No
multiple or simultaneous submissions. We answer within 14 days, but
more likely within 24 hours.

ONE poem (20 lines max)
ONE flash fiction (300 words max)
ONE mini interview (3 – 5 questions)
ONE review (500 words max)

Submissions of previously published poems and flash fictions may be
considered as long as authors own the copyrights and the works were
published in a print mag or defunct online journal.

Please submit to:

For audio, visuals and multimedia pieces, please query first:


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