Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ooteote’s Vertaallab (Translation Lab)

The online journal ooteoote, out of the Netherlands, named after Jan Hanlo's legendary tone poem, identifies itself as an online information hub where Dutch and Flemish authors report on literary news and related concerns from home and abroad.

Issue #36 of ooteote’s Vertaallab (Translation Lab) features a poem of mine from The End of America, Book 8, and you can find it here.

For more information about ooteeote, click here (note: opening this page in Google Chrome will make it easier to translate).

The journal has separate sections for poetry, prose, and essays. For more details on some of the poems it has recently published, including work by K. Lorraine Graham, Jane Leusink, William Thies, Anne Cotton, and many more in various languages, try the poetry link or just click here.

My thanks go out to fantastic poet, performer, and musician Rozalie Hirs for selecting my work for the most recent issue of the Vertaallab section.