Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Now available: Notes from the Center on Public Policy

My new book, Notes from the Center on Public Policy, from The Altered Scale press, is now available for purchase online through the Publisher’s Graphics Bookstore.

Of the book, Rob Halpern writes, Recalling Georges Perec’s Things: A Story of the Sixties, Wallace’s devastating Notes from the Center on Public Policy addresses itself to a time in which “there were no things, only claims about things,” a time contemporary with our own but addressed from a strange temporal distance whose past tense assumes the quality of our fossilized present suspended in an arrested dialectic. In Wallace’s stunningly calibrated sentences, subjective interiority has been knocked out by a semblance of its own objectivity, hollowed by soiled calculation, made cavernous by ruin. Were the sun to explode and all go dark, these Notes would remain like a ghostly inventory of all that will have been here, an acutely registered paradigm containing all our fungible particulars, “not like dust but like the memory of dust.”

Thanks to James Meetze for the cover design.