Thursday, August 16, 2007

this is where I'll be this weekend

But where will you be? If you're near Berkeley, I hope you'll drop by. If you're nowhere near there or otherwise can't make it, leave me a comment telling me all about the fun you're having somewhere else in the world.


Fold Appropriate Release Party!

Saturday August 18
Pegasus Books in downtown Berkeley
2349 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone (510) 649-1320

Come celebrate the release of the first issue of FOLD MAGAZINE, published by Insert Press.

Readings by Franklin Bruno, K. Lorraine Graham, William Moor, Mathew Timmons, and Mark Wallace.

The emphasis of this issue is on the use of borrowed, stolen, plundered, reused, retooled and/or sampled texts to create literature and includes essays by Mark Wallace and Guy Bennett that discuss these methods. Our intent is to present the work of writers who use text which they did not originate and do not own or own only by virtue of appropriation.

Contributors to Fold Appropriate Text are: Harold Abramowitz, Guy Bennett, Franklin Bruno, Teresa Carmody, Marcus Civin, Katie Degentesh, Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, K. Lorraine Graham, Jen Hofer, Mark Hoover, Mike Magee, Sharon Mesmer, K. Silem Mohammad, William Moor, Bruna Mori, JeffreyJoe Nelson, Vanessa Place, Dan Richert, Rod Smith, Michael Smoler, Mark Wallace.

Insert Press is edited by Stan Apps and Mathew Timmons. Insert Press has published chapbooks THREE COLUMN TABLE by Harold Abramowitz and ABSURD GOOD NEWS by Julien Poirier. HANDSOME FISH OFFICES by Ara Shirinyan, the first perfect-bound book published by Insert Press is forthcoming.

Visit InsertPress for more information and to purchase fine literature.


CLAY BANES said...


douglang said...

I'll be at a dinner party at Bernard's house in Takoma Park, with Arthur, Casey, Margaret, Pamela, James, Kirk, Scotty, Chekhov and Sulu. Maybe not Scotty, Chekhov and Sulu. Kirk Pillow is the Corcoran's new Vice-Dean, and a Kant scholar. The party is in his honor, although most of the guests are not currently associated with the Corcoran. I am taking some tejas from Helena's Chocolates in Lima, Peru, a big bag of cherries, and a small bag of muggles, no flask of scotch.

Have a great time! Give my regards to Bereley, where I once lived (on Channing Way and up in the hills in Kensington). Wish I was there with you.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I was very upset about not being able to go to this.
I had been waiting for it, but I had to leave town.
I am sorry.

mark wallace said...

I'm sorry to have missed you, Jack. With luck I'll get up to the Bay Area again for a reading some time soon. For all the obvious reasons, I love going up there whenever I can.