Wednesday, May 21, 2008

on the road again

And don't think for a second that I'm not loving it.

This will be my last blog post for awhile. My apologies if you write me or leave a blog comment and it takes me a bit of time to get to it. I'll be checking e-mail every so often though.

First stop, Press: A Cross-Cultural Literary Conference at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where I'll be giving a reading on Saturday night and participating in a panel on Sunday on "Globalism In Literature and Globalization: Postcolonialism and Emergent Languages."

Then on Monday it's off to Seattle for more fun and a reading Wednesday night in the snuggery (aka the back room) of the College Inn for the new Seattle area Subterranean Yak poetry series. Any yeti who's any yeti will be there, so if you're in the area come on out.

Until we meet again, enjoy your subversions.

1 comment:

rodney k said...

O man, no swing through Portland?

Got wind of the conference (and its confirmation as a reality) too late to make plans to come.

Have fun, you both, either way. Curious to hear about the Subterranean Yak.