Wednesday, May 1, 2013

John Cotter reviews my novels in Open Letters Monthly

Before now, my latest novel The Quarry and the Lot has received two occasionally positive, ultimately lukewarm reviews by writers whose take on the book seemed trapped in their own limitations as thinkers, as well as several thoughtful small responses on Amazon. Finally, this month’s issue of Open Letters Monthly features a detailed and perceptive (and whew, positive) review of the book, as well as a review and analysis of my earliernovel, Dead Carnival, that traces the connections and differences between the two books.

All the foibles John Cotter describes are simply the author’s own (that is, mine).

The May issue also features Elisa Gabbert on Kate Zambreno, Rohan Maitzen on Kate Atkinson, John Cotter on Mark Wallace, Greg Waldmann on the new surveillance state, Steve Donoghue on Audubon, Joshua Harmon on who the Talking Heads ripped off, and much else.

I hope you’ll take a look at the review and at the rest of the issue. If you’ve wanted to read my novels and haven’t, I think this review will either encourage you to do that or to run away screaming. Either reaction is fine with me.

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